Vattanac Capital Lifestyle Cube

Inspired by our heritage

Lifestyle Cube

Through Cambodia’s cultural and architectural landscape, the Naga is one of its most recognizable symbol and appears on many of its landmarks. Connected to both the land and its people, it represents limitless strength and prosperity – the very same things that Vattanac Capital will bring to the county.

A glass lifestyle cube that houses Vattanac Capital Mall resets on the Naga’s back, representing Cambodia’s position as the pearl of Asia. Its light-filled atrium allows visitors to appreciate the glass façade from a different, yet equally stunning vantage point. By using traditional Khmer motifs throughout the development, it is further tied to the heritage of Cambodia.

Seamlessly merging national symbol with cutting-edge design and technology, the construction of Vattanac Capital marks the rise of a transformed nation as it takes it rightful place on the global stage.

The Lifestyle Cube gracefully compliments the main tower and features eight expansive floors that the main offices for the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia, modern dental services such as Denriche Asia, advanced fertility clinic and other headquarters. The future lifestyle cube will feature a cinema, food court, fitness, medical and convention centers and other commercial, entertainment and F&B options.